This Being Human (book launch).

‘This Being Human’ is a book of some of my best photographs and poems, which are my reflections on the  spiritual mystery of life, written during an introspective two year period.  My photos are shots of a wide variety of unusual and ordinary people and places.  Setting the photos and poems together, I hope to prompt enquiry, intrigue and contemplation for you, the viewer.  In my work and life, I love to see the mystery and beauty in the ordinary.  My photographic style is usually instantaneous; something happens and is already ‘framed’ in front of me – I just take the picture with minimum preparation.  Similarly, with my poems, it’s usually a spontaneous act of writing.  You can see some more of my photographs here.  There are other underlying themes in the book, which I hope you will uncover.

Buy ‘This Being Human’ printed copy here.

This Being Human - Jonathan DruryThe book is a 9″ x 7″ landscape format, 43-page full colour paperback, bound and printed on high quality  gloss paper.  There are previews below and on the sale page.  It’s in a limited first edition of 120 copies only and is available now from here.

I decided to self-publish a very short run using Lulu, a quality online service.  This is simple for me as I don’t have time to deal with administration of mainstream publishing, as I am focussing my work and research on autism.  Having said that, I hope to finish my memoir this year, which I’ve been writing for about eight years.  My books are a culmination of many years work and study and I hope you will buy them and enjoy them.

Just about there
But just out of reach.
A non-state, a no thought
A notion of bliss.

Between strong forked life-boughs
Barn feathers swiftly glide.
Dusk loves his wide eyed
Silent winged wisdom,  all-seeing.

Fleeting, gently teasing
Love birds nod and sing.
Above and between
and other such dualities.

Example pages (click for enlargement):



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