Jonathan Drury

I work in autism, group dialogue, cultures, spiritual pathways, well-being and Mindfulness.  Years of experience founding and running SME’s, conceiving different creative education projects, succesful fundraising, events organising, building websites & social media campaigns.  Artist & Writer.  Fascinated by everything. Contemporary Fine Art BA (Hons) and PGCert Autism.

I have extensive experience in delivery of dialogue and other interpersonal group facilitation and training in counselling and mediation. I was an employment-research worker at Disability Sheffield and with a colleague, Anna Nibbs, deliver ‘Professional Excellence in Autism’ employment training workshops for the workplace.

I also have a broad field of experience including events organising, running an international food business, travel overland in the Middle East, living on a remote Scottish island, thirty years practicing chi-gong, silent retreats, spirituality-based disciplines and raising a family.

I have strong interests in communication of the autistic experience in research and how autism emerges in different cultures. Other interests include  spiritual traditions, metaphysics and quantum field theory.  I am a member of the Academy of Professional Dialogue and sit on the Sheffield Autism Partnership Board. Read more about my services on offer here.

Autism Dialogue